The world’s best how-babies-are-made book reborn as an animated series and interactive learning resource for kids, families and schools.


Funny, frank and embarrassment-free, The Amazing True Story of How Babies Are Made helps parents and teachers answer that dreaded question: “Where do babies come from?”


just the series

from $8.99

All three episodes:

Episode 1: Girls and Boys (7:17)
How boys’ and girls’ bodies are different, how they develop and grow and how they start producing sperm and eggs.

Episode 2: Sperm Meets Egg (5:29)
You only need one sperm and one egg to make a baby, but how do they get together?

Episode 3: A Baby Grows (9:01)
A fertilised egg doesn’t become a baby overnight, it takes nine months to become a brand new human being!

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Family Resource Kit


All three episodes

Plus family learning resources:

  • Three visual glossaries of keywords with interactive audio

  • Three fun multiple-choice quizes to help consolidate learning

  • Examples of curious questions that might come up, with suggested answers

Designed especially for families by leading sexuality education experts.

classroom kit

$299 introductory price

All three episodes

Plus classroom learning resources:

  • Teachers notes

  • Six lesson plans for the classroom

  • Four Infographics

  • Three quizzes

  • Body bits glossary

Created by leading sexuality education experts, the materials are targeted to the Australian curriculum and can also be used in schools worldwide.



This is the most DIVINE and funny and really informative video ... I think EVERY parent, school will want to show their kids — makes it not awkward and taboo and takes the pressure off the parents who only really know the ‘rudey bits’ because no one taught us properly.
— Heidi, Mother
It’s a great resource for parents ... you can share it together and then without the pressure just talk about it afterwards.
— Holly, Mother
It’s really good that they made it into a movie because it was a good book to start with.
— Sam, 10
I kinda knew what IVF was but I did not fully understand it properly... This gave me a full understanding of it overall.
— Max, 10
It’s just something that you want to watch because it’s funny.
— Jessica, 8