"Mum, Dad, how are babies made?"

When my son asked those five terrifying words I went to a bookshop expecting to see shelves groaning with volumes on the subject. Instead, there was one really boring book, and 1973's Where Did I Come From? So I had the rather surreal experience of sitting down with him and reading the same book that my mother read to me.

It turned out many of my friends had experienced the same frustration with finding a good sex-ed book so I decided to have a go at writing one myself.

Firstly I wanted it to be honest and straightforward. Secondly I wanted it to include alternative but increasingly common forms of conception like IVF, sperm and egg donation, and different kinds of families and parents. I also figured that a hefty dose of fun and humour would help alleviate the embarrassment around what can be a difficult topic for families to discuss.

And that’s how The Amazing True Story of How Babies Are Made was born.

- Fiona Katauskas — Author, Illustrator and Executive Producer

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