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The Amazing True Story of How Babies Are Made is a fresh, frank and embarrassment-free resource for teachers, students and their families to explore and understand sexuality and identity.

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Based on the book which was shortlisted for the Children’s Book of the Year Awards 2016, this resource is unlike previous sexuality education teaching resources. The Amazing True Story of How Babies Are Made presents an inclusive and contemporary reflection of our community that all children will relate to. The resource is also inclusive of today’s medical advancements that are enhancing reproduction possibilities.

 As a multi-platform production, The Amazing True Story of How Babies Are Made is available as:

  • A 22-minute, three part animated series for children,

  • A curriculum-based Classroom Kit for teachers and students to use at school, and

  • A Family Learning Resource for home based follow-up and learning.

Each facet of the multi-platform production is designed to compliment and enhance the other. It is tailored for teachers to use as is appropriate to their pedagogical needs and their students’ development.


The Classroom Kit contains information for teachers and learning tools for students that can be used independently or collectively as a whole. For ease, the kit is divided into three sections:

1. Teacher Notes

  • Australian Curriculum Relevance

  • Classroom Considerations

  • Privacy and Protection guidelines

  • Kids’ Curious Questions – to assist you in preparing for the unexpected!

2. Lesson Plans

Lesson 1 – Girls and Boys

Lesson 2 – Becoming an Adult

Lesson 3 – Sex and Making a Baby Lesson 4 – Fertilisation

Lesson 5 – A Baby Grows

Lesson 6 – Birth and Feeding the Baby

3. Extra Resources

  • Infographics - four illustrated infographics designed to be used a lesson starters or conversation focus points. They are A4 in size and can be printed as a poster to display in your classroom, or projected onto a screen for class viewing.

  • Multiple choice Quizzes - Three multiple choice Quizzes and Answer Sheets for students relating to each part in the series. The Quizzes can be printed and given to students to complete individually or collaboratively in a small group.

  • Body Bits Glossary - A comprehensive list of sexuality body part names and their definitions

Curriculum RELEVANCE

The resource pertains directly to the Australian Curriculum in the subject Health and Physical Education (HPE). It is relevant to Years 1-6 syllabus content:

Strand: Personal, Social and Community Health

Sub-strand: Being Healthy, Safe and Active

Content descriptions:

Years 1-2: Describe physical and social changes that occur as children grow older and discuss how family and community acknowledge these (ACPPS016)

Years 3-4: Explore strategies to manage physical, social and emotional change (ACPPS034)

 Years 5-6: Investigate resources and strategies to manage changes and transitions associated with puberty (ACPPS052)


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License. This Kit comes with a license for unlimited use in one educational institution only, across a maximum of three campuses. If you require a license to use the Kit in more than one educational institution, please contact us.

Technical. The video and PDF files are available to download instantly after purchase. They do not come with any DRM and can be freely copied and shared across multiple devices within your educational institution.

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