Reviews and Testimonials

Firstly, I want to say that I LOVE this resource.

Schools are consistently reported as being a major and trusted source of information for young people about Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE); and for some young people, schools may be their only source of information. Teachers are in an incredibly privileged position to be trusted by both students and parents/carers to be able to provide age- and developmentally appropriate learning opportunities that enable young people to construct meaning around their changing bodies and relationships.

The Amazing True Story of How Babies Are Made provides teachers with engaging resources that can be incorporated into a comprehensive RSE program. The availability and popularity of the book and animations enable this resource to be used as a link to foster and support strong home-school-community partnerships, which are essential to any successful RSE program.
— Bonnie Lee, Schools Team Manager, Family Planning Victoria
It’s a great resource for parents ... you can share it together and then without the pressure just talk about it afterwards.
— Holly, Mother
This is the most DIVINE and funny and really informative video ... I think EVERY parent, school will want to show their kids — makes it not awkward and taboo and takes the pressure off the parents who only really know the ‘rudey bits’ because no one taught us properly.
— Heidi, Mother
The amazing true stories of how babies are made is a fabulous teaching resource. Students love it. It’s dynamic and full of colour - and it’s funny! The content is incredibly thorough and up to date, and at the same time, accessible and light-hearted. It’s fantastic for promoting ongoing, open conversation on the topic. When students are having fun – they learn. ‘Babies’ ticks all the boxes.
— Nicky McLaughlin, Distance Education Teacher, NSW
I kinda knew what IVF was but I did not fully understand it properly... This gave me a full understanding of it overall.
— Max, 10
I have just gone through all the resources and ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! It is wonderful. I think kids will really enjoy the animation as it is very funny and engaging. It explains the whole process in a way they can understand. I know when I was teaching Kindergarten the topic of how a baby “Comes out” was always a great discussion and this would really help them understand the whole process.

I am currently teaching Year Two and think it is very relevant to them now too, as they are at the age where they are quite intrigued with each others ‘bits’.

The teacher resources are very handy too and its super that the curriculum outcomes are included. This is certainly a resource I would love to use as it is a topic that comes up quite frequently and as a teacher is hard to answer may of the kids questions. This animation would make our life SO much easier.
— Melissa Rogers, Grade 2 Teacher, NSW

Acclaim for the book

‘If you’re looking for a book for children that’s accessible but honest, sex positive and inclusive, The Amazing True Story of How Babies Are Made is pretty much perfect.’
— Child Magazine
‘Common sense, facts, the delightful humour and illustrations will enable this book to be universally accessible and a joy to be shared. A must buy for all parents.’
— Buzzword Books
‘Highly recommended ... a necessary addition to every parent library’
‘It’s the inclusive nature of the book as well as its light touches of humour that make it a worthy update of a perennially interesting subject’
— Sydney Morning Herald
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