Production Team



key creatives 

The book's creator Fiona Katauskas is the Writer, Illustrator and Executive Producer of the animation, creating additional art as required and writing the script.

Read Fiona’s inspiring story: Why I made ‘The Amazing True Story of How Babies are Made’

Andrew Farrell, Head of Factual at CJZ, is also an Executive Producer.


educationAL Consultants

The creative media educational resources in both the Family Edition and the Classroom Kit are written and designed by Dr Anne Chesher B.Ed, MA, PhD Creative Industries, Quadrant Media + Education, in consultation with sexuality educator Vanessa Hamilton BN, RN from Talking The Talk Sex and Health Education.


Award winning animators Jonathan Nix and Sebastian Danta are the lead animators and directors.


production company

Produced by CJZ, one of Australia’s most trusted independent production companies. Makers of Gruen, Bondi Rescue and Go Back To Where You Came From.

Publicity contact

For further information and interviews with Fiona:

Kelly Black
0422 991 600