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    — Bonnie
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The world’s best how-babies-are-made book reborn as an animated series and interactive learning resource.

Funny, frank and embarrassment-free, The Amazing True Story of How Babies Are Made helps parents and teachers answer that dreaded question: “Where do babies come from?”


Family Edition - Available now

An interactive e-book featuring the full-length (20-minute) animated series, plus more than 30 pages of bonus interactive learning content. Designed especially for families by leading experts in sexuality education.

It makes answering that dreaded question ‘Mum/Dad, where do babies come from?’ a lot less daunting, and a lot more fun!

classroom kit - coming soon

Features the full-length (20-minute) animated series, plus a comprehensive set of fun and engaging classroom resources to help teachers bring sex education into the 21st century.

Created by leading sexuality education experts, the materials are targeted to the Australian curriculum and can also be used in schools worldwide.



It’s a great resource for parents ... you can share it together and then without the pressure just talk about it afterwards.
— Holly, Mother
It’s just something that you want to watch because it’s funny.
— Jessica, 8
It’s really good that they made it into a movie because it was a good book to start with.
— Sam, 10
I kinda knew what IVF was but I did not fully understand it properly... This gave me a full understanding of it overall.
— Max, 10
I thought it was very informative and yet the humor helped a lot.
— Joseph, 9