Family Resource Kit

This downloadable kit features the full-length (20-minute) animated series, plus has more than 30 pages of bonus interactive learning content. Designed especially for families by leading sexuality education experts.

It makes answering that dreaded question ‘Mum/Dad, where do babies come from?’ a lot less daunting, and a lot more fun!


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Three parts containing the most accurate and up-to-date information:

Part 1: Girls and Boys — shows different body parts and puberty

Part 2: Sperm Meets Egg — explains all the various methods of conception, including IVF and sperm/egg donors

Part 3: A Baby Grows — covers pregnancy, birth and the first few months

Each part includes:

  • an episode from the animated series

  • a visual glossary of keywords with interactive audio

  • a fun multiple-choice quiz to help consolidate learning

  • examples of curious questions that might come up, with suggested answers

Suggested Age Range

Designed for any child who is curious about how babies are made – but in particular, 5 to 10 year olds.

Device Compatibility

After purchasing, the Kit is downloaded as an EPUB format eBook, so you need an eBook reader to view it.

For PC’s, there are a number of free eBook readers. We’d recommend Kindle or Adobe Digital Editions.

For Macs, the default eBook reader is iBooks, which comes pre-installed on MacOS and iOS.

We have tested the eBook on desktops and tablets. It will work on phones too but we wouldn’t advise it because the layout will appear too small.


It’s a great resource for parents ... you can share it together and then without the pressure just talk about it afterwards.
— Holly, Mom
It’s really good that they made it into a movie because it was a good book to start with.
— Sam, 10
I thought it was very informative and yet the humor helped a lot.
— Joseph, 9
I kinda knew what IVF was but I did not fully understand it properly... This gave me a full understanding of it overall.
— Max, 10
It’s just something that you want to watch because it’s funny.
— Jessica, 8